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Antique Quilts and Quilt Tops


It's that time of the year again! Our annual antique quilt sale - filled with the good, the bad and the ugly! I love buying old quilts and living with them for a while so I can absorb their history. It takes me about a year to let them go...

Here are the quilts we have found along our travels. Quilts that have spoken to us in some way. Our collection of quilts for sale are the odd birds found at estate sales, flea markets and second hand dealers throughout the United States.

We do the best of our ability to describe each quilt's condition and age. Some of the quilts we find are quite clean and some have age spots and could use a good soak. No quilt here is perfect - all of these quilts have been loved and used for over a hundred years.  Many quilts show wear on the binding and sometimes there are patches of fabric that have been shattered or are completely missing.  

We look for early, hand-sewn, thin summer quilts - always with an eye on the pattern, fabrics and colors used. Before you buy an old quilt think about whether it will withstand being used on a bed - some quilts are better hung if they are in well worn or fragile condition. To hang an old quilt, sew a 2-4" pocket on the top of the quilt and use a curtain rod to display on the wall.

We share any provenance we know - where we found it, the approximate age and even try to date some of the fabrics used. Our two go to books for reference are Dating Fabrics by Eileen Jahnke Trestian and Clues in the Calico by Barbara Brackman.

Enjoy our collection of early American and French quilts - we hope you find one, enjoy it, and care for it. Due to the nature of the sale and the unique one of a kind items, all items are sold as is, and all sales are final.