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Antique Silk Log Cabin Quilt

$ 450.00

Antique Log Cabin Quilt made out of mostly silks and some cotton satins. This beautiful old "shadow" quilt is completely hand-pieced and hand-sewn. There is very little hand quilting to speak of and the quilt has a very thin wool batting. There is a beautiful weight to this quilt - while still feeling very light. The quilt has a few areas of fabric shredding or missing fabric - all which could be easily repaired. The binding has many areas of fraying. The backing is a beautiful green print in good shape. This quilt would probably be best hung as opposed to being on a bed. This quilt is a stunner!

Provenance: This quilt has come to us through a private collection - there are at least another 100 wonderful old quilts to come! Merci Judy!

Measurements: 82" x 83"

Circa 1900's

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