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French Embroidery Hoop

$ 24.00

A French General Exclusive!

This beautiful hoop is ideal for embroiderers, quilters and sewers.  Made out of rolled brass and a steel coil wire this light-weight hoop is easy on your hands and will hold your fabric taught without putting stress on your fabric.  Works best on a light-weight fabric such as linen, cotton or silk. 

Now available in 2 sizes:

4" is a very sweet little French Hoop which doesn't cover a lot of ground but makes a beautiful frame for finished work.


6" is the classic size and the best French Hoop to start with.  Once you have mastered this hoop you will be ready for the next size up.



I use them all the time and here are a few observations:
Love working with the 8" size but it's a bit fussy getting the fabric on the hoop. Only because of its size. Once it's there it's great.
I have been using medium to heavy weight linen. All great. On all sizes.
I think the 6" is the most versatile for me.
Just tried a light weight chambray like linen and that didn't stay as tight on the 4". But love the size for the tiny patches and Blythe doll clothes I started making.
But with that said I really prefer your hoops over any I tried.
It's easy to move the around on my work and you have to tighten up the wood ones up anyway and that's a pain.

-Michele Muska




If you are interested in carrying our French Embroidery Hoops or any of our Embroidery Samplers or Floss at your shop - please write to us at and we will set you up as a wholesale account!


If you are not completely over the moon stitching with our new French Embroidery Hoop, please return it to French General in original packaging and condition for a product refund!


Watch how to use the hoop below.


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