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Vintage Blue and Pink Drunkards Path Quilt

$ 250.00

This sweet old Drunkards Path quilt is made with hand-pieced pink blocks and a soft pale blue cotton sashing. The white cotton fabric used in the blocks looks like it might have had another color as a polka dot - the dot has disappeared and left pin prick holes.  I can only imagine this must have been a darker dot - and maybe made with arsenic which would have caused the dye to eventually rot and leave a tiny hole. The back of the quilt is a small black dotty fabric - maybe this was also used on the front? Funny how one side shows the disintegration and the other side does not. The quilt is hand-pieced and hand-quilted with a thinnish batting and there is no binding. This quilt has seen a lot of love and been used by someone for a very long time. I love this quilt as an example of how simple a quilt can be that was made over a hundred years ago. Although I would not consider this quilt a cutter - it does have many small flaws and repairs and some age marks.

Measurements: 80"x80"

Circa 1920's

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