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Soiree Dusk Vintage Notions

$ 96.00

A collection of antique and vintage notions. Each box will include 12 tins (53mm) filled with vintage notions dug out of basements in France, England and the United States.

The Soiree Dusk box includes:

A tin full of liquid gold metal beads
A tin full of dusty rose 4/0 Czech seed beads
6 mother of pearl cabochons with lacey brass bezels and 6 cream glass floral cabochons
with lacey brass bezels
A hank of silver grey 12/0 seed beads
25 bone 10mm beads
24 50mm brass bars with wholes in either end and 36 25mm brass bars with holes in either
24 brass button shanks with grey mother of pearl cabochons
A tin full of brushed metal coated side-drilled tear-drop beads
20 brass bells
A tin full of silver-ox 5mm nailhead beads
8 brass coin edged quarter holders
A tin full of dusty rose 6mm coin beads

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