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Home Fabric, Trim and Wallcovering for Fabricut 2015

The French General collection is one of rustic, lived in simplicity, filled with beautiful natural textiles that seem as if they have gently faded to blend in with the soft light that somehow is unique to South of France countryside.

As with many old, rural French Homes, there is a calm, elegant dusty palette that is found throughout the whole interior. After living in France and enjoying many old homes, I have come to understand the simple beauty of well edited combination of colors that flow easily from room to room. Our collection, with Fabricut, has been created and developed to have the same feeling - a simple vintage color palette of three main colors: rouge, bleu and bisque. Each collection of colors can stand on its own, but combined together, the prints, stripes, embroideries, wovens and trimming come alive.

With a focus on linen and cotton fibers the French General look and feel is luxurious and authentic. In addition to the soft natural prints and wovens, we have included some basic solids - all in different weights of linen and cotton, and many are pre washed for that perfect vintage appeal. The trimmings incorporate linen and cotton with accents of jute and wool. Together we create a lived in look that is soft, worn and comfortable.