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Simply Stitched with Applique by Yumika Higuchi

$ 20.00

Embroidery artist Yumiko Higuchi offers modern makers a fresh new spin on her beloved designs by combining embroidery stitches with hand appliqué.  Learn how to use felt, cotton, and linen to create beautifully layered designs full of texture and contrast, then embellish with just a handful of basic embroidery stitches.

With over 30 designs inspired by nature, you'll find designs for hydrangeas, sunflowers, lilacs, tulips, poppies, birds, bees, strawberries, and more.  Use these motifs to create any of the sophisticated bags, pincushions, coasters, tea towels and wall art projects included in this book, or be inspired to design your own.

After attending art school and working as a handbag designer, Yumiko Higuchi launched her career as an embroidery artist in 2008.  She is the author if multiple embroidery books and is very active on social media.  She resides in Tokyo, Japan.  You can visit her website at

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