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Early Flying Geese Quilt

$ 350.00

A very old Flying Geese quilt filled with a wonderful selection of very early calico and cotton prints. Probably the oldest quilt in our sale this year, this quilt is all hand-pieced and hand-quilted.  With a decorative printed binding and a muslin backing it is possible that this quilt is 1830-1860 - maybe even earlier! There are the beautiful Prussion blues combined with the dark reds, as well as the dark browns mixed with the pinks and reds. This quilt is not in good or useable condition. There are multiple age and water spots and some of the blocks are shattered or completely missing. The batting is extremely thin and worn in some areas. I would call this a cutter quilt - but I would not have the heart to cut it. Instead I would fold it gently and study it every now and then to learn about the history of fabrics.

Measurements: 96"x86"

Circa 1830-60's

Found in New England

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