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Virtual Winter Workshop with Tyn Atol and Molly Meng

$ 125.00

This time of year brings another fun Winter Workshop from Tyn & Molly.  Full of techniques and interesting tidbits, these two love sharing the knowledge of craft and a wonderful kit with everything you need to join in and to keep going!

Tyn will have you dive into spun cotton and learn to craft a vintage-inspired mushroom ornament.  Mushrooms are a symbol for luck! You’ll learn how to take common materials and replicate this 19th century craft. When finished, you will have the skills to create lovely ornaments for a holiday tree, or even a sweet Scandinavian-inspired decoration for a table-scape ... The possibilities are endless. 

We promise, you will want these fungi all over your home.

Molly will teach you how to make sweet honeycomb orbs, working with vintage book pages, maps and music sheets.  Based in folk tradition dating back to the 19th Century, honeycomb can transform the ordinary into the magical.  With the materials provided, you can make your holiday decorations pop or continue on to create a beautiful mantle full of these orbs into the new year!

This Winter Workshop is perfect for anyone who’s looking to get excited for the holidays, add a little sparkle to their home or up the ante on decorated packages for friends & family!

All materials to make multiple pieces of each craft will be provided.  

Workshop Kit ships on Saturday, November 7th

Workshop Video is sent out on Saturday, November 14th

Follow up Zoom Gathering on Saturday, November 21st

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