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Set of Three Vintage Linen Torchons - SM Monogram / Pre-Order Ships in August 2024

$ 95.00

A set of three wonderful, early linen torchons with a hand-embroidered red monogram SM. These large cloths can be used as towels or even as a base for stitching. These towels have a woven white stripe on either side.

To clean hemp, linen or nettle wash in your washing machine with soap and warm water. Once removed from washing machine, snap out any wrinkles. Hang to dry and then press with a hot iron. The more these fibers are washed, the softer they become.

These towels/torchons are in perfect condition - straight out of an old French armoire.

Set of three

Size: 26" x 30"

Ships in August 2024 when we return from France.

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