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The Written Love Story Kit - Ships April 2022

$ 85.00

The Written Love Story is a paper and cloth kit inspired by a collection of love letters I bought in Rome at the Porta Portese Market.  Last September, while in Italy, I arrived at the flea market early and walked for hours until I found a small booth filled with old turn of the century clothes, paper, millinery, lace and buttons. I asked the vendor why everything felt so distant - yet familiar. She told me that her booth was filled with the belongings of one woman who had a life of love and beauty. She pulled out a small stack of letters written in Italian between 1904-1918.  For twelve years Signore Emerico Cattaneo and Signorina Emma Della Monica corresponded their love through written letters. 

This kit is my interpretation of what might have been saved and collected during the twelve years Emerico and Emma wrote to each other.  The kit is filled with small bits and pieces, as well as a collaged copy of each of their letters. Also included: old music sheets, envelopes, textile fragments, buttons and a dried edelweiss - representing the flower I found folded into one of the letters.

To help construct your book, the kit also includes 10 sheets of hand made paper, burlap cover, hexagon paper pieces, tiny paper clips, appliqué pins, brass clips, skinny washi tape, ribbon, floss and fabric scraps.

We've included a short technique guide to help you get started so you. There is plenty of room for you to add in your own memories or tokens of love. 

Other supplies you may want to have on hand: needles, scissors, glue stick, liquid glue, or any other adhesives you prefer.

This is a pre-order and anything ordered with this kit will ship together in April.


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