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Textile Appointment

$ 25.00

After buying, selling and trading textiles for the past twenty years I have found that customers need more information on the material they are bringing into their homes.  What is the provenance? How old/new is it?  Where is it from? How will it change my life? And my first question is always: how deep do you want to go?  And then we could slip down the rabbit hole. 

Are you looking for solids, color, prints, stripes? What kind of texture do you want to surround yourself with - linen, hemp, nettle, metis, or something more obscure like thistle?  Each fiber treats us differently and it is important to understand the care of each in order to insure their ability to outlast us.

The textile appointment is a way for you to purchase old and new material from me directly.  I am happy to send text photos during our conversation and all purchases must be made during the appointment. 

I have an extremely large stock of French textiles from the late 18th through the mid-twentieth century.  Second Empire (Napoleon Trois) lace bits to sew with; linen tea towels that will last you the rest of your life, hemp sheets that can be dyed and layed on the top of your bed for a 17th century French look; and florals, stripes, and tickings - oh my!  Our prices are relevant to age, condition and availability.

Whether you are looking for textiles to layer your home or interested in owning a piece of antique French floral for document studies, sewing an heirloom or just to make you happy - we might just have what you are looking for.

How to make an appointment:

Appointments are scheduled for Mondays mornings at 9am, 11am and 1pm Pacific time by telephone.

Please indicate a Monday you would like to schedule the appointment along with a time in the NOTES.

Feel free to list off anything in the NOTES you might want to focus on: torchons, bed sheets, bath sheets, florals, ticking, boutis, fibers, thread, scraps, hankies, aprons, convent chemise...or lavender filled anything.  Is this a gift or for your own collection? If I know what you might be interested in I am better able to pull the stock ahead of the appointment.

If you must reschedule, please send an email to notions@frenchgeneral outside of 48 hours.  There are no refunds for a canceled appointment.