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Stitched Souvenir Handkerchiefs with Jessie Chorley / Tuesday, November 10th / 3-6pm

$ 200.00

Stitched Souvenir Handkerchiefs with Jessie Chorley

Enjoy this afternoon workshop with Jessie Chorley where you will be working on fine hand embroidery and appliqué  techniques in Jessie’s signature style to create a one off Souvenir Handkerchief. You will be provided by Jessie in person with a hand screen printed vintage hankie at the start of this workshop. Jessie will work with you on several favorite embroidery stitches to embellish and work in to the printed design that will be on your hankie. She will them go on to show you simple hand turned appliqué techniques to give detail and texture to your souvenir hankie.

You will be given a kit in person from Jessie that will include a hand printed vintage handkerchief and some fabric scraps from her London studio. Please bring with you any favorite fabric scraps these can be small scraps in soft whites or various colors and patterns. Odd small paper scraps (ie old postcards, letters, book pages). Favorite embroidery threads that you may like to use, odd charms, buttons and other personal ephemera are also good to bring as they may become stitched in to your hankies during this workshop.

Aperos served.

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About Jessie:

Jessie Chorley is an East London based designer, maker, tutor, author and shop owner specializing in hand Embroidery Collage and Applique.  At the heart of her work is hand stitching, and traditional embroidery combined with needle turned appliqué techniques.  She combines her passion for collecting ware possible in to her embroidered stories and small detailed patchworks

“I use my needle and thread to both secure items in place as well as for creating line and detail.  My needle and thread are my drawing tools that allow me to create my scenes and stories directly in and on to my chosen fabrics and papers.  I use various embroidery flosses combined with favourite vintage threads to illustrate my chosen imagery and words directly on to and in to my selected and usually pre-used fabrics, papers and found objects”

Jessie mainly works with paper and fabric all of which are found this being her passion, her inspiration and always her starting point.

“Clothing and fabric cut directly from pre-worn clothing is my most frequently used material “

Jessie’s art work explores narrative and story telling through the use of simple and traditional textile techniques combined with the use of found and re-worked objects and items of interest.  She creates her work from an assortment of different objects and items that she continues to collect.  She then Re-work these items with the emphasis on them once again becoming usable and functional.

“I find beauty and inspiration in things that have been discarded or put to one side”

The most familiar objects that Jessie works with are book’s, items of pre-worn clothing and found paper sometimes combining all three to create a one of piece or small series of work.

“I am passionate about giving life and a new beginning back to a forgotten object. To see someone using something that I have re-created is like a completion to the story “

“I use carefully chosen words familiar quotes and imagery, combined with hand embroidery and the placing of found fragments to create scenes and narrative experiences for an array of different works that can be for interior spaces as well as items to be worn and cherished ”

Jessie lives and works in Hackney East London where she runs her shop:

Jessie Chorley

The Shop & Workshop

158a Columbia Rd

London E2 7RG

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