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Stitching from France / 6-Part Live Chat from La Borie Grande / 9am PST

$ 65.00

Join Kaari, every week from the South of France, for a series of slow-stitching days.  Gather up your old and new scraps, or reserve one of our curated kits and lets gather for an hour once a week for six weeks, to stitch together.

Using an old French cloth and a mix of old and new scraps and threads, we will practice the art of stitching to bring a calmness to our days.  Starting your day with a needle and thread is a great way to express yourself, and create something meaningful. Chats will include all things fabric and thread as well as peek into our life in France and the inspiration we find each week.

Our stitch kits come with everything you need for these chats, so you can take it with you on the go and join us from anywhere in the world from a phone or a laptop with the Zoom app.

Stitch Kit includes:

French Cloth - an early cloth from France which we will use as the base or foundation for our stitching. All different household sizes, some have initials, some have stripes and all are very old hemp, nettle or linen. Every one is unique. I purchased this collection from a grand old house in Albi - même maison. These cloths were all made in the late 1800's in rural France and some show their age - but that's the fun - we will be patching and repairing along the way.  

Old and New Scraps in shades of blue (kits will all be slightly different due to antique fabric)

Sewing Threads and Needles (including some new favorites)



Stitch Chat Days

We hope you can join us when you can! Days are mixed throughout the months - if you miss a chat,  we will still send you the recording of the gathering.

Live from the studio in France, La Borie Grande, 9am - 10am PST on the following days:

Thursday, June 8th

Sunday, June 18th

Tuesday, June 27th

Thursday, July 6th

Sunday, July 16th

Sunday, July 23rd


The small print:

If you have your own scraps and would like to join us to spend an hour in France each week, gather similar materials as the above kit and purchase Stitch Chats Only, the cost is $65 for 6 chats from France. No shipping costs will be added to Stitch Chats Only.

Workshop kits will be shipped out in early May 2023.

Zoom links and recordings will be sent out to the email you sign-up with. If you do not receive your Zoom link one day prior to the chat, please email

All chats will be recorded to the best of our ability and sent out soon after. Due to the challenge we are undertaking - six live chats from France - there may be technical difficulties and we cannot guarantee all workshops will record. We will do our best!

Until France!

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