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Saffron Marigold Stitch Kit

$ 40.00

This stitch kit includes everything you need to make up a beautiful piece of hand-stitched art.  Start by layering your fabric and then, using a needle and thread, tack everything down to your base.  Use the Wonder Fuse to reinforce larger motifs, then fussy cut flowers and iron down to your layers of fabric.  Use the Valdani to embellish and embroider details onto your layers - we used the stem stitch and the French knot to add in extra flowers.  Add your own small scraps and decorative bits to make this piece uniquely yours.

Once your work of art is complete, bind the edges and make a small wall hanging or pillow - or add this panel to a crazy quilt!


Kit includes:

10x18 French Sashiko

Antique Quilt Scrap

Fabric Scraps

Clover Wonder Fuse

Valdani Thread

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