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Vieux Rouge Tote Kit - Seconds

$ 45.00

This kit is designed to help you get used to hand-stitching with old linen thread on antique fabric.  Learn how to stitch, slowly and evenly when you slow down and hand-quilt this antique American quilt block.  When finished, attach block to linen tote with a simple blanket stitch or running stitch.

These blocks are very old and very delicate - stitching must be done slowly and with utmost care to preserve the integrity of the early American quilt block.

Kit Includes:

Antique American quilt block, early 1800's

Linen tote

Antique French linen thread

Sewing needle

Chacopa fugitive marking pen


These are "seconds" meaning the blocks have small tears or rips - they are not in perfect condition - but still suitable for mending and repairing!


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