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Mindful Mending with Heidi Parkes / Saturday, August 11th / 10-3pm

$ 125.00

Learn to mend your clothing with an emphasis on maintaining comfort and fit.  Heidi Parkes will lead the class through a discussion on developing pride and aesthetics in a mend.  Then, we will look carefully at a variety of techniques, knots, and materials for mending holes, thinning, maintaining stretch, darning, and repairing tiny holes.  This class will prepare you to face a variety of mending challenges, and will guide you through fixing one specific item of your choice. Garments, linens, and quilts are all welcome.
tools/materials provided: 
-milliners needles
-t-shirt material, and a few other patch material options
-mending zine
tools/materials needed: 
-A thimble that fits your dominant hand's ring finger (I like the clover metal tip, with silicon around the finger, or a handmade leather thimble)
-something to mend
-a small embroidery hoop
-one spool of pearl cotton, size 8; or one spool of crochet thread, size 10.  In a color you like for your mend.
-possibly, bring fabric for backing your item.  Check that it's a similar weight fabric.  A variety of fabric options will be provided too.
-optional: a rubber gripper to help pull the thread through
(a loose disk, or a gripper fitted to your finger)


Cafe, lunch and apertifs will be served.

Spend the weekend with Heidi for $225.
Sign up for both of Heidi's workshops and save $50!
Refund sent after you have signed up for both workshops.

Heidi Parkes has been mending her clothing since jr high.  She's particularly sensitive to her clothes, so mending has often proven easier than shopping!  Mending for comfort and fit are her top priorities, but thriftiness, beauty, durability, and care for the planet are never far behind.  Parkes has exhibited her mended clothing in art galleries, and museums, including the WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Art.  She also frequently travels the country lecturing and teaching workshops about mending and hand quilting.  Learn more about her work on her website, and on instagram: @heidi.parkes