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Inspiration Kantha by Anna Hergert

$ 25.00

Kanthas, embroidered fabrics traditionally created by the women of northern India and Bangladesh, capture culture, history, and stitching creativity in their layers of repurposed old cloth.  Kanthas were originally created from threadbare clothing to rejuvenate it.  The used fabrics were layered, then embellished with motifs and themes from nature, everyday life and spirituality.  

This book leads you through the layering of fabrics, the choices of imagery, and the stitching itself.  There are handy motif patterns, instructions on how to begin a personal kantha reference library, and more.

Both simple and complex projects help you get started, whether you are a beginner or an expert stitcher.  Step-by-step instructions help you enjoy the beauty of kanthas simplicity - using the simple running stitch. A colorful gallery of kantha work is included to inspire you.

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