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Handwork Revisited: Piecing, Applique and Layering with Heidi Parkes / Sunday, November 12th 9-1pm

$ 125.00

Handwork Revisited: Piecing, Applique, and Layering

Learn a new approach to piecing and applique.  Both techniques can be employed with visible stitches, rather than the invisible stitches that are most common here in the states.  Then, learn to experiment with the translucency of your fabrics, by layering and hand stitching. 

Street artist Margaret Kilgallen once said, “My hand will always be imperfect, that’s where the beauty is.”  This workshop will show you how to emphasize the ‘hand’ in handwork.  Students will make small quilt blocks in class, and will learn about ways to expand those techniques into full sized quilts.  All skill levels welcome.

 Provided materials:

-A square of translucent cotton

-A spool of pearl cotton

-Milliners needles

-Straight pins

-A rubber gripper

-A medium embroidery hoop

 -A variety of colorful fabrics

-An instruction booklet


Students should bring:

-A thimble that fits their dominant ring finger.  I like the Dritz slip-stop thimble.


From Heidi:

In my work, I create a scaffolding of fabric, piecing, and quilting that allows me to reference many ideas on a single plane.  The raw materials are textiles from domestic culture, fashion, family heirlooms, and scavenged prints.  I integrate them with fabrics that I have embroidered, stained, dyed, or designed.  These materials are pieced together to create the main imagery of the quilt, like a collage.  This cloth is then beset with hand stitches, evocative of the slow process involved in construction, and functioning as a layer of ‘drawing’ on the quilts surface.

To read more about Heidi and see her work, please visit: