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The Quilted Fragment Stitch Kit and Virtual Workshop

$ 300.00

The Quilted Fragment Workshop will explore pieces of living history - creating stories using pictures, color, texture and old scraps.  We will learn about 19th century quilt pieces by dissecting them to learn more about structure, age and fabric content.  Get ready to use a seam ripper and look inside of quilts that were hand-stitched in the early 19th century.  

This stitch kit features our linen stitch book, a curated collection of antique quilted fragments from American and French quilts, and contemporary threads.

Also included in kit will be French General fabric for patching and natural batting for quilting.  

Using cotton, silk and invisible threads, we will stitch down fragments to linen grounds and create  textiles of historical importance - saving these beautiful fragments one stitch at a time.  Hand-stitching or machine stitching work with this project!


Kit includes:

Linen Stitch Book

Additional Linen for Blocks or Pages

American and French Antique Quilt Fragments and Scraps

Antique Quilt Photos Printed on Fabric




Seam Ripper

Silk Pins



Hexagons and Glue Stick

and other vintage bits and pieces!


Workshop Kits and Video link sent out upon registration

Video can be watched at any time, as many times as you like. 

Join us for a live Zoom discussion about The Quilted Fragment Stitch Kit on Saturday, March 6th, 2021 at 10am Pacific time.  

Please Note: The Quilted Fragment Stitch Kit is based on antique quilt pieces and fabric - fragments in kits will be different based upon how many pieces can be cut out of an old quilt.  


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