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Fleurette Tote Kit

$ 50.00

This kit is designed to help you get used to hand-stitching with old linen thread on antique fabric.  Learn how to stitch, slowly and evenly when you slow down and hand-quilt this antique American quilt block.  Use the Cosmo and Valdani thread to add in decorative stitches, and use the scrap of fabric to add more flowers to your block.

When finished, attach block to linen tote with a simple blanket stitch or running stitch.  Continue to add stitches and details to the back side of the bag for a truly special tote to hold all of your favorite sewing materials.

Due to the age of these blocks - please be aware blocks are not perfect - but make a perfect focus piece surrounded by your stitches and appliqué.


Kit Includes:

Antique American Quilt Block, 1930's

Linen Tote Bag

Antique French Linen Thread

Cosmo Floss

Valdani Thread

Fabric and Wonderfuse Scrap 

Sewing Needles



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