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Embroidered Kitchen Garden by Kazuko Aoki

$ 20.00

Embroidery artist and avid gardener Kazuko Aoki shares her newest collection of exquisite designs inspired by her very own kitchen garden.  This bountiful assortment of embroidery motifs includes everyone's favorite garden treats.  From humble tomatoes and radishes to sow-stopping figs and Brussels sprouts, this collection features over 30 plant designs.

Stitch up a sampler to decorate your kitchen, create a one-of-a-kind farmer's market tote, or just pore over the pages for endless inspiration.  Each design features artfully illustrative details yet are made with just a handful of simple embroidery stitches.

Kazuko Aoki is a popular Japanese embroidery artist who draws inspiration from her garden and the wildlife that frequently visits there.  After attending art school in Japan, Kazuko studied textiles in Sweeden.  She is the author of multiple embroidery books, including Garden Stitch Life.

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