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Antique Red Embroidery Samplers

$ 25.00

Vintage and Antique red embroidery samplers found in the brocantes in the South of France.  Each one of these beautiful stitched samplers were probably created by a young girl learning her embroidery stitches.  French girls as young as four years old were taught the basics of embroidery on one of these samplers - almost always stitched in red floss.

All of these samplers are old and show their age - most are quite delicate. Think about framing these pieces as a souvenir of French stitching history.

Sampler A: 10"x8" $55.00

Sampler B: 10"x9.5" $55.00

Sampler C: 8"x7" / 1934 / $55

Sampler D: 12"x10" $85.00

Sampler E: 11"x8.5" / 1904 / $85.00

Sampler F: 10"x9" $95.00

Sampler G: 10"x8" $55

Sampler H: 11.5"x11" $55

Sampler I: 7.5"x9.5" $45 (small holes and some stains)

Sampler J: 8"x12.5" $45 (stitched by same girl as Sampler I)

Sampler K: 5.25"x7.25" $25.00

Sampler L: 5.5"x6.5" $25.00


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