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Concertina Book with Molly Meng / Sunday, October 8th / 11-3pm

$ 95.00

Spend a Fall weekend with artist and teacher, Molly Meng.  She'll be teaching all day Saturday & Sunday, October 7th & 8th.  If you're coming in from out of town, this is a great way to be part of two of Molly's most popular workshops.

A fantastic way to display your keepsakes:  have it standing up to show off your artwork, hanging on a wall, or lay it down and let the pages tell a story in themselves.

In this class you'll be creating a hard-backed, accordion-style book.  You'll learn how to construct the book and it's pages, as well as advanced elements of collage for an ongoing themed-book.  You'll have all the juicy ephemera, vintage photos, and stamping materials you can fit and, as always, I suggest for your own personal touch bring something that is uniquely yours to incorporate!

We'll be working with vintage book pages, ephemera, paper, stamps, using paper and fabric with hand-drawn templates and you'll learn many other construction concepts we can explore in this small but mighty Concertina Book.

Because we'll begin with a completely blank slate, it's always a good idea to think about who this creation might be for...   A baby book?  For someone's birthday?  Or will you build something beautiful that will be for inspirational quotes and personal pages to keep?  Again, feel free to bring any other personal elements you'd like to include!

Begin with a diverse world of objects that you'll turn into an incredible creation and story-telling art piece that is a true keepsake.

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