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Fall France Getaway / Week One with Evan Kleiman - September 13th-20th, 2019

$ 500.00

Week One

Evan Kleiman

September 13th-20th, 2019 

Join us for a week in France this September to celebrate the local markets, food and wine.

This special week will be filled with visits to the flea markets and farmer's markets as well as a special focus on French food and wine.  Along with our favorite French chef, Charlotte, who will keep us fed and teach us how to cook like a French woman,  we will be joined by Los Angeles's very own Evan Kleiman.  Evan Kleiman is a true culinary multitasker. Chef, author, radio host, restaurateur and sought after speaker, she has been called "the fairy Godmother of the LA food scene" for her central role in bringing a community of food people together through her radio show, Good Food.

We can't wait to see and hear Charlotte and Evan in the chef's kitchen together - talking about food, sharing their techniques and enjoying a good glass of local wine.

Our week long retreat will be held at a 19th century manor house which has been restored with a balance of rustic charm and modern elegance.

Come spend a week learning to live as a rural French woman as we visit local villages, shop the flea markets and spend time crafting with like-minded women. Surrounded by beautiful fields of sunflowers, local farmer's markets and traditional artisans, you will be inspired and connect deeply to the countryside of France.


Cost and Details:

$4,800 for a single room

$4,400 for a shared room (you must sign up with a roommate)


Payment Plan:

Non-refundable deposit of $500 due upon registration
Second deposit due January, 2019
Final deposit due April, 2019


Please Note: 

Air transportation to and from France and travel insurance are not included


Our days our spent living in a large, country manor just outside of Corde-sur-Ciel.  The 19th century home is surrounded by 10 acres of garden and countryside - a perfect place to relax in one of the many elegant rooms, or sit by the pool and enjoy a glass of local wine. 

Each week will feature visits to the local farmer's markets, brocantes and neighboring villages. Our favorite Chef Charlotte keeps us well fed as well as teaches us her fabulous French cooking techniques. Our weeks are relaxed and creative, we spend as much time crafting as we do taking short field trips to nearby towns. You are welcome to join in all of the activities or take time out at the manor to find your inner French woman.

Air travel is in and out of the Toulouse Airport, where we pick up on the arrival day at 3pm and drop off on the departure day at 9am. 

A full guide book with more information will be sent out to you upon your registration.

Our retreats attract physically and mentally fit women who are open-minded, progressive, generous and kind - if this describes you, we would love to have you join us in France!

Please feel free to write to with any questions or concerns.


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