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Grey Otomi II Embroidered Cloth

$ 150.00

Hand-embroidered Otomi Cloths are a historical craft found in and around the San Miguel de Allende area of Mexico.

The Otomi textiles, also known as tenangos take weeks or even years for the women to embroider, and are said to be based off of cliff painting in the Tepehua-Otomi mountains in the area. Some say that they may be also inspired by cave paintings in the Mexican Plateau area.

While some of the shapes tend to be more abstract, most of them are based on motifs that can date back to hundreds of years ago.

Otomi women trace designs on the white cotton with a pencil, creating balanced designs, either asymmetrical or symmetrical. The designs are embroidered with a special kind of satin stitch that only appears on one side of the cloth.

Otomi Cloths measures 17" x 75" approximately.

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