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Virtual Indigo Workshop with French General and Sandra Johnson

$ 300.00

Join us (virtually) for our Indigo Workshop!
Workshop Kit and Video link will be sent out to you when you order kit
Workshop Video can be viewed anytime, as many times as you like
Our Indigo Workshop features everything you need to create deep, rich dark, small batch indigo vats (in the 2-gallon bucket supplied) , as well as beautiful silk, cotton and linen fabric to dye in your vat.
Once you have mastered a few, simple Shibori techniques you will be able to create beautiful patterns and resists on your fabric. 
Dyers will receive everything they need to design a collection of fabric, including: 
14" x 72" Silk Wool Scarf
8" x 54" Stone Washed Crepe de Chine Scarf
22" x 22" Silk Charmeuse Scarf
36" x 36" Cotton Bandanna
1 yard French General Linen Fabric

Dyers tool bag will be filled with supplies to aid in Shibori techniques, including: 
Wooden Shapes
Rubber Bands
Wonderfil Thread
Sewing Needle
Sashiko Needles  
Medium Thimble
Fabric Marking Pen
Water Soluble Pencil 
Also included in the Indigo kit: 
4 oz Pre-Reduced Indigo
4 oz Thiox and Soda Ash
2-gallon Indigo Bucket with lid
2 gallon Water Bucket
Mixing Stick 
Shibori instruction will include the following techniques:  Nui, Itajime and Kumo.   
Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it, then dyeing it in indigo. 
Dyers will receive a video link with instruction on how to make a strong indigo vat, how to create different resists on fabric using a variety of Shibori techniques, and instruction on how to dye and properly rinse fabrics. 
As a special treat, our friend and artist, Sandra Johnson, will lead the Sashiko segment where students will learn how to transfer and stitch Sashiko designs onto their indigo pieces. 

Full Virtual Indigo Workshop Registration  
(Includes all Fabric, Indigo Kit and Materials for Shibori and Sashiko, Workshop Video taught by Kaari and Sandra)


Other Tools you will need:
Water supply 

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