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Thursdays at 10 with Molly Meng: Tiny Collage Techniques

$ 200.00

Join Molly for four Thursdays at 10 in April to re-boot your creativity! 

It’s been an overwhelming time for all of us and sometimes it’s hard to find the energy to come up with independent creativity. 

Spring is a time of renewal and yet, in this day and age, it can be hard to want to bloom or find the energy to create a new blossom. 

Introducing: Thursdays at 10 with Molly. Begin the day, 4x a month with a creative boost to get you started again.

This weekly Zoom Workshop is perfect for anyone experiencing overwhelm and is looking for a little, shiny boost of positive energy and excitement, as well as adding creative collage techniques to their week!

Each week in April, throughout an hour (plus) Zoom Workshop, Molly will introduce small, do-able collage projects to jumpstart your creativity.  You’ll receive a kit with materials including a wonderful, handmade, artisan book to contain all your projects.  

We highly encourage you to pull out any of your materials that you haven’t looked at in awhile or have been wanting to work with.  It’s always nice to combine materials so you have a unique piece that is all your own.

They say it takes a month of practice to create a new habit.  Let the creations you make during this experience be for your own heart.  No hashtags, no pressure, just that perfect combination of escape and productivity.


April 7th 10-11am PT

April 14th 10-11am PT

April 21st 10-11am PT

April 28th 10-11amPT


Paper Book Collage Kit will be shipped to you in March.

Zoom Workshop links will be sent to you the Wednesdays before the workshops.

Additional materials to have on hand:

scissors, glue stick, #2 lead pencil, paints (acrylic and watercolor), paintbrushes, white gelli pen, black micro pen, x-acto blade, self healing mat, liquid adhesive (Elmers is great), paper scraps, old magazines. 


A ‘loose’ hour of creativity, inspiration and craft -  come play!

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