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Virtual Threads of Feeling Stitch Book Workshop

$ 300.00

Our latest Stitch Book is based on The Foundling Museum’s exhibit "Threads of Feeling" curated and exhibited in 2010 in London.  This exhibit featured textile tokens that were used to identify children given up for adoption in the U.K. from 1740-1770.  

Our Threads of Feeling Stitch Kit, inspired by the exhibition and accompanied by the book, features an 8x8 hemp cloth book that we will fill up with a collection of 18th and 19th century antique fabric scraps, ribbons and tokens of love.

Slowly stitching our way through this small cloth book, we will focus on textile tokens; learn about the fabric that was used to make women’s clothing, stitching techniques used to embellish the fabric and how to create pages inspired by old color and design.

Included in the Threads of Feeling Stitch Kit is a copy of the book Threads of Feeling, published by John Styles in 2010. This book will serve as our inspiration and guide for our stitching pages.  I strongly recommend reading the book before the workshop!

This workshop is perfect for lovers of antique American and French fabric; not each piece is perfect - but each piece is filled with history, charm, old color and early textures.  

Workshop Kits sent out by Friday, August 14th

Workshop videos sent out Friday, August 21st and Friday, August 28th

Zoom Gathering Saturday, August 29th

Threads of Feeling Stitch Kit Registration 
(Includes Hemp Cloth Book with Antique Fabric, Stitch Bag, Two Workshop Videos taught by Kaari and Invitation to the Zoom Gathering for Show and Share)



Stitch Kit Includes:

8x8 Hemp Cloth Book

Antique Fabric and Quilt Scraps 

Reproduction Fabric Panel from Exhibition

Antique Ribbon and Trim 

Antique French Paper 

Antique Beads 

Brass Charms 

Old Buttons 

Soir Silk Thread 

Valdani Silk Floss

Wonderfil Thread 

Black Gold Hand Sewing Needles 

French Embroidery Needles

Embroidery Snips 

Glass Pins 

Applique Pins

Pin Cushion

Acrylic Heart Template

Betty’s Photo Fabric 


Please note:  We will be working with very old fabric and notions in this stitch kit - not everything will be identical and not all fabric will be perfect, please be aware of this before you sign up - merci.

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